Geist Elbereth - 'Blades of the East' EP. June 18th.


The darkness and barbarism of the world that J.R.R. Tolkien has created, is to this day an inspiration for countless projects that dwell in the realm of heavy and sinister music. The manifestation of evil and the filth and stench of the dark lands – with the various servants of the Dark Lord lurking everywhere – is a too fitting analogy to the evils that reside in mankind.

Carrying on this fierce tradition, Geist Elbereth, make their first appearance with the EP „Blades of the East“. The five songs guide you through known and unknown places and stories of the ravishing gloom, that come with the creatures made by the black of night.

The sound is rooted in a simplistic approach to crafting songs, that hails the founding principles of the genre – cold, bleak and harsh with many odes to thrash and punk.

The EP is only the beginning of heroic hymns to destriuction, that will be crafted and released in the near future.


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