The Suns Journey Through The Night - Crawling Nebula of Dismal Light

Less than a few months after the release of the highly successful debut album “Eternal Black Transmissions”, The Suns Journey Through The Night returns with the blisteringly brutal new album “Crawling Nebula of Dismal Light”. The album builds on the furious and bleak sound of its predecessor, taking the listener deeper in to the black hole abyss, where no light is able to reach. Dripping in darkness and mystery, the album features guest performances by the vocalists of UKBM acts Revenant Marquis, Crimson Throne & Abduction, the collaborators selected by The Godless Tyrant help build the albums crushing atmosphere and intrigue, creating a listening experience rarely heard before in Black Metal

Guest vocals supplied by
RM of Revenant Marquis
Tomas Hubbard of Crimson Throne
A/V of Abduction
Out now on 2xLP gatefold vinyl & digital.  Listen here:

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