Helvegr TAPE

Helvegr TAPE

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Atmospheric & instrumental black metal from Germany.

Repose Records sets September 6th as the release date for the cassette version of Donarhall's latest album "Helvegr".

1. Byrdh 02:58
2. Vinda 07:20
3. Hyrr 07:22
4. Heimr 06:09
5. Vagr 05:09
6. Sunna 06:46
7. Natt 05:01
8. Liflat 06:16

The pro cassette will be limited to 50 copies, have full on-body printing and a slipcase.

You can listen to the track "Vinda" at our YouTube channel below:

Donarhall Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donarhall