Ebony Pendant - The Garden Of Strangling Roots MC
Forbidden Sonority

Ebony Pendant - The Garden Of Strangling Roots MC

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"The Garden Of Strangling Roots" maximizes on Ebony Pendant's established sound, featuring expanded instrumentation, and drumming by a new entity, K.M. Sorcerous riffs weave through hammering drums and besiege the mind. A powerful release to be remembered, Ebony Pendant has risen to stand amongst the masters of the genre, in both vision and skill. With a concise 25-minute runtime, this new EP maintains the melancholic and hypnotic atmosphere of the project, but with a bloodthirsty energy.

All songs written, performed, and recorded by S.C. September-November 2020.
Drums performed by K.M.
Mastered by R.L.C. December 2020.

Album cover by Gustave Dore.
Additional art by Rusted Winds.