Gate Master - In Pursuit of Forbidden Knowledge

Gate Master returns once again to the Repose Records fold with his unique blend of Avant-Garde Dungeon Metal.‘In Pursuit of Forbidden Knowledge' takes us on a journey through ceremonial raw black metal, frostbitten dungeon synth soundscapes, crust punk fuelled thrash & gothic ritual ambient to create a truly distinctive and eclectic second album.Working with collaborators Anabelle Iratni & Cold Void Desolation, Gate Master has forged 9 tracks, each being completely unique and different to the last.Gate Master is an originator of the English black metal scene, having been involved with various bands since the early 90’s. Throughout the album you will hear influence from Bathory, Dead Can Dance, Diamanda Galas, Ultravox, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Possessed & more…



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