SOOTHSAYER "Echoes of the Earth" LP
Vendetta Records

SOOTHSAYER "Echoes of the Earth" LP

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“Echoes of the Earth is an emotional accumulation of many years of frustration and despair. As we trudge through yet another dark period on our journey as a species, the ever-morphing head of the malevolent serpent continues to inflict nefariously upon us and push our spirits further down into an ever-darkening oubliette."

“At present, every single one of us on this planet are experiencing a trial filled with many nuanced types of pressures and frustrations. Some feel it from events occurring on the global scale while others feel it solely on a personal level. Either way, we are all feeling it."

“We feel that we have been pushed beyond the fringe of what we recognize as being fertile ground for true progression. There is a want to reconnect with nature as with ourselves."