Asuras – Collected Works Double Tape Box
Manifest of Hate Creations

Asuras – Collected Works Double Tape Box

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This double tape box is strictly limited to 54 copies and includes:

  • Tape 1: Demo 2009 & Demo 2015
  • Tape 2: Live and Unreleased Demo Tracks
  • Logo Button
  • Unreleased Interview
  • Lyrics Sheet
  • Tracklist Sheet

“This box contains the history of Asuras. It was stated by the band that musical activities started in the beginning of 2007 by playing cover versions of notorious black metal acts as well as a couple of own songs with gore and splatter themes. The selection of covered bands was explicitly never done with a political intention but out of juvenile fascination for the violent black metal history of the 1990s. By the end of 2007 and with the departure of former Vocalist C. the band’s lyrical themes changed from gore/splatter to occultism/darkness, which was considered the real beginning of the band.”