BLUTDURST (Aut) - "Stallag im Beserlpark" TAPE
Under The Dark Soil

BLUTDURST (Aut) - "Stallag im Beserlpark" TAPE

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Limited to 100 copies. Dark green tape (ltd 20) sold out, black tape (ltd 80) available.

By exploring the depth of Austrian underground, UtDS is honoured to release the debut full-length album “Stallag im Beserlpark” of BLUTDURST on ancient cassette tape in the summer of 2021.

BLUTDURST are a new black metal outfit from the collective of INZESTUOESE ERBSCHAFTEN based in Vienna, although the original recording of “Stallag im Beserlpark” was accomplished around a decade ago. Re-launched in MMXX by Cornelius and Lord Sargeburt (An Old Sad Ghost), the album sees its final shape by navigating the realms of black metal, noise and dungeon synth. BLUTDURST firmly establish a morbid basis for the admirers of insanely tortured vocal and primitive atmosphere. The six tracks extend the boundary of black metal through an experimental approach that forges the band’s eerie identity - imagine the moments of early Silencer or Xasthur meeting In Slaughter Natives, or Beherit attempting to open the gate for Old Tower.

Suitable for late night listening in a dark room. Avoid daylights.