Cataplexy - Archives CD
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Cataplexy - Archives CD

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A collection of past demos of CATAPLEXY whose history began as the Death Metal Band in 1991, and officially unreleased sound sources that were played only at live shows and rehearsals. The most important record of Japanese Death Metal and Black Metal, which recorded generously the demo tunes and unreleased tunes of the Death Metal period and the Black Metal period!

Phenomenon (Demo : 1993)
01. From Beyond the Dark
02. Internal Deformity
03. And Yet...

Teardrops Veiled Black Desire (Demo : 1994)
04. Intro: Resurrect the Ancient Memory
05. Under a Mournful Sky
06. When the Rise of the Moon
07. In Absentia Densus Foris
08. And Yet... (The Rain Continuously)

Unreleased Song
09. Proof of Exist
10. Forgot Cenotaph
11. Rite of Death Parade
12. Gate of Decadence
13. Blood Remember
14. In Darkness, I Dreams