Death Magick - demo MMXXIII LP
Dawnbreed Records

Death Magick - demo MMXXIII LP

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Death Magick - demo MMXXIII  12"    (Dawnbreed records)  

Black vinyl / 300

Remember when heavy metal had a real stigma for being Satanic, loaded with occult themes that where about as hidden as the sun on a cloudless day? Well, Death Magick is the band the parents of the 80s were shaking in their boots about! More than a little reminiscent of heavy metal greats of the past while not once afraid to do a little bit more than dabbling in the occult, this is a demo that really speaks to the dark side of heavy metal and knowing how to do it all the justice one could hope for. The speed, the melodies, the very production - everything! - about this piece is that ferocious injection of classic darkness that many are constantly insatiable for with extremely few able to deliver it on such a scale like what Death Magick has brought forth from the depths of Hell. You could travel back in time, place a CD of these three tracks on any store in the 80s selling heavy metal, and it would have blended in with absolute ease with many sure to pick the piece up to later hail it as what sent them down the devilishly excellent paths of heavy metal in the days of their youth. It's the sort of darkness that is infectious in every given form with a visage of heavy metal that is nigh-on seductive. In no small way, Death Magick has woven a spell that is not to be underestimated.