Dipygus - Bushmeat LP
Dipygus - Bushmeat LP
Dipygus - Bushmeat LP
Expansion Abyss

Dipygus - Bushmeat LP

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After the release of "Deathooze" in 2019 and successful initiation into the shadowy world of black-market cuisine, an agreement was reached with Expansion Abyss for the release of the second full length album from Dipygus, "Bushmeat". Showcasing more exotic and repulsive themes of the supernatural and taboo, "Bushmeat" presents an uncensored and unrelenting spectacle, with each element of the previous work irresponsibly taken to a further extreme. A prime cut of raw and grueling terror, it is fit for consumption by HEADHUNTERS, BODY-SNATCHERS, TOAD-VENOM JUNKIES, CARGO CULTISTS, AQUATIC APE THEORISTS, DISASTER TOURISTS, CARRIERS of TROPICAL DISEASE, VOODOO PRACTITIONERS and ORGONE REVIVALISTS only. All others have been warned...

All copies come on meat color vinyl and include a wrap around obi strip and double sided insert. Limited to 500 copies 1st press. Gold foil logo stickers and screen printed posters will be included while supplies last!

Guest solo on 'Plasmoidal Mass(Slime Mold)' by Andrew Lee.
Recorded at Darker Corners Studios by Alejandro Corredor and Matt Harvey.
Vocals tracked by Charlie Koryn.
Mixed at Earhamer Studios by Greg Wilkinson.
Mastered at Mammoth Sound by Dan Randall.