Grimdor – The Shadow of the Past CD
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Grimdor – The Shadow of the Past CD

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1. Untitled (single)
2. Bombadil (single)

–Stone of the Hapless EP–
3. Black Storm
4. Repulse the Orcs
5. Death of Glaurung
6. The Black Thorn of Brethil!
7. Deer’s Leap
8. Stone of the Hapless

9.The Red Eye of Sauron (single)

–The Lonely Mountain EP–
10. Mirkwood Forest (Intro)
11. Morgul Blades
12. The Lonely Mountain

13. Ringwrath (single)

–The Chamber of Mazarbul EP–
14. The Chamber of Mazarbul
15. Battle at Cirith Ungol
16. Scimitar
17. Mount Gundabad

18. Battle at the Bridge of Khazad-dĂťm (single)
19. The Lonely Mountain (alternate version)