Hellrduk CD
Hellrduk CD
Hellrduk CD
Hellrduk CD
Isgherurd Morth

Hellrduk CD

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Having created the quirky and contradictory project STENCH PRICE, the high-tech French drummer Romain Goulon (NECROPHAGIST, BENIGHTED) and the Siberians Max Konstantinov (KAMLATH) & Peter Shallmin (ESCAPETHECULT) bring forth their brand new project ISGHERURD MORTH

Their debut album “HELLRDUK” reflects the bands personal vision of Black Metal by paying homage to the 90’s second wave sound and blending it with modern blackgaze elements. Delivering 5 intense tracks ISGHERURD MORTH throws the listener into a deep soulside journey interlaced with esoteric lyricism.⁣

CD/Digital out March 12th via Repose Records.

The final and standout point of the “HELLRDUK” debut release is the art concept that has been genuinely handcrafted by XUL1349.

The “HELLRDUK” tracklist:
1. Inferhn
2. Kultth Tormentr
3. Nocturahl
4. Lucir Stormalah
5. Beliath Todh Grimr

Romain Goulon (Necrophagist, Stench Price)
Max Konstantinov (Heavenwithus / Stench Price / Kamlath)
Peter G. Shallmin (Kamlath / Escapethecult / Stench Price)
Listen: https://reposerecords.bandcamp.com/album/hellrduk