Pitiless Black Emphasis VINYL
Pitiless Black Emphasis VINYL
Pitiless Black Emphasis VINYL
Revenant Marquis

Pitiless Black Emphasis VINYL

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- 140gram Yellow Teeth vinyl

- Matte sleeve with 3mm spine

- Thick outer slipcase with gold ink

- 16 page artbook

- Slipmat (the first 100 copies come with a black slipmat with gold ink, the following 150 come with a white slipmat with black ink)

- 3 bonus tracks from the Pitiless Black Emphasis era, exclusive to this pressing

- Limited to 250 copies

1. Taciturn To Thy Bloated Moon⁣
2. Vanishing Into Gutters And Tunnels⁣
3. Yellow Teeth⁣
4. Submit To The Ruins⁣
5. All That Is Commonly Avowed As Evil⁣
6. Holy Cross in Retrograde⁣
7. The Return of the Key⁣
8. Thrush Union⁣

All rituals & unholy benedictions summoned by Revenant Marquis.

This tome was chronicled at The Black Attic during Edrinios MMXVIII.

All photos taken during the Pitiless Black Emphasis sessions: late MMXVII, early MMXVIII.