PYRE:NUMEN - El Passatge de l'Hivern TAPE
Under The Dark Soil

PYRE:NUMEN - El Passatge de l'Hivern TAPE

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Soil 031: PYRE:NUMEN (And) - "El Passatge de l’Hivern" Pro Tape


Atmospheric black metal and dark ambient sorcery sounded from atop the majesty of the Pyrenees by the sacred medium of cassette tape in the third month in the age of 2022.

By the spirit of seasons taken upon a journey upon the astral wheel and mountainous wonder, does that effigy of eternal stoic nature come across a pinnacle of sacred granite, those whispers of hermetical heraldry to give its name of PYRE:NUMEN. Born across the peaks of Andorran mountain tops by the hallowed hands of Perennial Pyrenees – who has been ensorcelling many incantations under the guise of several entities since 2019 – PYRE:NUMEN is the solitary expression of ancient folklore and field recordings, the spread of sorrow made sacrosanct by the genius loci the Pyrenean mountains. This is the third of their incantations made possible by the mysticism of Under the Dark Soil, and will be made available to acolytes through the medium of the Dark Soil cassette tape.

El Passatge de l’Hivern is an eternal journey of cyclic wonder, one that takes devotees on a journey through the seasons; from the Autumnal seasons of blood leaf decay and summer fields, to the harsh bitterness of Winter weald woe and, finally, to the rebirth of Spring, the awakening of hibernating livestock and the blossoming of life. An incantation that slowly drapes these seasons over those experiencing it, a multitude of somber instrumentation told via the medium of minimalist black metal atmospheres, isolated dark ambient spells of wind-scorned sorrow and acoustic compositions of neo-folk fulminations. El Passatge de l’Hivern is the perpetual passage of the seasonal wheel, one that soaks the spirit and takes possession of the mind as it transports your perceptions to places unknown to mortal men.

FFO: Alcest, Paysage d’Hiver and Këkht Aräkh

Available on two colour variants (30 x silver, 68 x dark smoke) in celebration of the great seasonal wheel.

Audial seasonal soundscapes by @perennial_pyrenees
Putridity of promo prose by @neheroth

Under the Dark Soil, 2022