PYRE:NUMEN - To Follow a Fellowship TAPE
Under The Dark Soil

PYRE:NUMEN - To Follow a Fellowship TAPE

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Soil 027: PYRE:NUMEN (And) - "To Follow a Fellowship" Pro Tape

Seventies-style synthesised Middle-Earth adventure.

PYRE:NUMEN presents the posthumous release of 'Herbert Bunter: The Complete Middle-Earth Sessions [1970 - 1971]'. The rumours of the Tolkien trilogy were true; for three decades the first half (i.e. Books 1 - 3) of his planned Lord of the Rings synthscape trilogy have been lingering in Herbert's colleague's cottage, thankfully copied to cassette from the master tapes before the great English floods of 1991. Through happenstance they have arrived at the Perennial Pyrenees HQ where PYRE:NUMEN dwells accompanied by a letter (scanned) and after digitising them, PYRE:NUMEN is pleased to offer them (with permission) for your edification.

"To Follow a Fellowship - Book I & II" available on gold cassette in 15 copies, plus 35 copies on translucent blue tape.

All music: PYRE:NUMEN & Herbert Bunter