Aversio Humanitatis - Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX CD
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Aversio Humanitatis - Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX CD

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Since their formation in 2010, Spain's AVERSIO HUMANITATIS have patiently perfected their craft over the course of their Abandonment Ritual debut LP in 2011, successive splits in 2015 and 2017, and an EP in 2017, all before the breakout release of their second album, Behold the Silent Dwellers, in 2020. By then, their shadowy, shapeshifting black metal had reached a fever pitch of sound and vision, all unified for one massive & malevolent purpose.

As the cursed year of 2020 rolled on, AVERSIO HUMANITATIS never had an opportunity to make flesh these creations from Behold the Silent Dwellers. Taking to a virtual stage of sorts, the now-quartet recorded an extensive live set and released it via their own Bandcamp. Suitably titled Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX, this nine-song/54-minute performance is a titanic work in itself, vividly recasting that then-new studio album in an illuminating new light. Each of these engrossing tracks is threaded together like their live set would be, but almost creating another totality altogether - density, atmosphere, and soul-shredding physicality all in perfect (dis)harmony. Thus, Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX is equally recommended for adepts of AVERSIO HUMANITATIS and neophytes alike; this work stands alone and as complement.

As shadow realities are refracted back to a no-less-horrifying present as 2021 trudges toward a conclusion, LUNAR APPARITIONS hereby delivers AVERSIO HUMANITATIS' Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX in a physical edition...before the next plague rears its head.

Digipak CD Limited to 100 copies.