Defeated Sanity - Prelude To The Tragedy TAPE
Lifeless Chasm

Defeated Sanity - Prelude To The Tragedy TAPE

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Full-length re-release by Lifeless Chasm Records under an exclusive license from Grindethic Records.

Issued in a clear case; cerebral red, parasite purple or tragic black cassette shell with sticker labels on both of its sides and two-panel double-sided J-card. Limited to 100 professionally manufactured copies in total.

Tracklist (31:21)
A1. Liquifying Cerebral Hemispheres
A2. Drifting Further
A3. The Parasite
A4. Horrid Decomposition
B1. Tortured Existence
B2. Apocalypse Of Filth / Collapsing Human Failures
B3. Remnants Of The Deed
B4. Prelude To The Tragedy

Recommended for fans of Gorgasm, Deeds Of Flesh and Insidious Decrepancy.