Malfet - The Snaking Path LP
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Malfet - The Snaking Path LP

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In 2018, Malfet debuted The Snaking Path - a rhythmic, subdued and tranquil change of pace from the otherwise damp stone corridors of the dungeon synth climate of the time.

Coined as pastoral dungeon synth, the graceful beauty of Snaking Path can immediately be heard within the first moments of listening. Quiet night insects give way to a dreamy Mellotron trance. This hypnotic elegance continues throughout, always bringing with it new underlying melodies that stick with the listener - making it quite difficult not to romanticize Arthurian era sprawling grasslands and forests as one struggles to meander through the haze of modern life.

Malfet may have unknowingly spawned an entirely new approach to dungeon synth with this premier, giving way to a much needed delicate heir - certainly taking the path less traveled.