Mountains Redux CD

Mountains Redux CD

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--Hardback digipak with black linen cover and magnetic closure, plus a 12 page booklet + Tir logo patch. Limited to 25.

Here lies a majestic ensemble of epic mournful ambient music evocative of desolate and wyrdful landscapes brimming with dazzling nature, untainted and disinfected of human tampering. The ancient mystery of melodious and simple keyboard passages is marvelously intertwined with folk overtones and martial-like patterns enriching the record as a whole, creating a deeper and meaningful experience. Harmonious yet dark and somber, this enchanting opus carries the ingredients to entice devotees of genuinely atmospheric music, intense and authentic. This ambient is perfectly portrayed in the artwork, an original by Inken.

In the current wave of Dungeon Synth revivalism, Tir stands aloft as a particularly transcendent entity. Following the recent release of the excellent “Urd, Skuld & Verdandi”, the Turkish outfit returns with “Mountains Redux”, a rerecorded, remixed and remastered take on the 2016 debut full-length piece “Mountains” with an extra bonus track included.