Varanak - Relics of Mourning CD
Varanak - Relics of Mourning CD
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Varanak - Relics of Mourning CD

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Double CD edition in 8 panels digisleeve
strictly limited to 66 copies Worldwide.

“Relics of Mourning” is the debut release by Blackened Doom project VARANAK.

A monstrously heavy and bitterly melancholic achievement originally self released digitally in November 2020, which we are now excited to release in double CD 8 panels digisleeve, with two bonus tracks.

“Relics of Mourning” is a terrifyingly dark and ominous release, skillfully combining the heaviness of Funeral Doom with the rawness and feel of Depressive Black Metal.

Thematically approaching depression and sadness but with a palpable gothic imagery and symbolism, the opus is a profoundly meditative and introspective glimpse into the caducity of life and the persistence of pain and suffering therein.

“The amaranth dies ‘neath the frozen soil - And burst up a bouquet of aconites and marigolds”

FFO: Thou, Forgotten Tomb, early Katatonia