Xoth - Exogalactic CD
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Xoth - Exogalactic CD

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Xoth - Exogalactic CD   (Dawnbreed)

The EU version of EXOGALACTIC with a different layout

Given all that they threw down in their 2019 effort, "Interdimensional Invocations", Xoth didn't need to prove anything to anyone. The record has rightfully become a cult classic for all that it brought forth in crazy technicality, unyielding intensity, and a true understanding of the sound that felt damn near transcendent. Xoth is a hungry beast, though, and one impressive record is not nearly enough for them. After four years toiling away at the cosmos to summon forth a fitting work, Xoth emerges with "Exogalactic"! A terrifically violent blend of all that Xoth has become known for from technical death metal to thrash more than a little tinged by the realm of black metal, the eight tracks of "Exogalactic" take a listener on what can be argued to be the most impressive work from Xoth to date with their conquest for intergalactic domination unending and all-consuming. Nobody is safe in the path of their writing star ships filled with flesh-hungry drones ready to eviscerate once Xoth gives the command. Adorned with as much morbid wonder as it is littered with eldritch horrors from beyond the stars, "Exogalactic" is sure to conquer anything and everything that foolishly stands in the way of their overwhelming flood.