Entropic Aeons TAPE
Entropic Aeons TAPE
Entropic Aeons TAPE

Entropic Aeons TAPE

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  • Professionally duplicated tape
  • Extended J-card
  • Limited to 100 copies


LISTEN: https://incessant1.bandcamp.com/album/entropic-aeons

INCESSANT, the formidable blackened death metal band from Dublin, is set to take the metal world by storm with their highly anticipated new EP, 'Entropic Aeons,' set for release on July 26, 2024 via Repose Records.
With an intent to create forward-thinking and boundary-pushing music, Incessant blends the atmospheric intensity of black metal with the ferocity and expansive creative liberty of death metal.
The band's lineup features Conor Spierin on guitar and vocals, Alex Caffrey on bass, and Jamie Sweetman on drums. Together, they craft music that not only honours the foundational elements of metal but also forges a path toward new sonic territories. Incessant draws indirect inspiration from iconic bands such as Darkthrone, Root, and Bolt Thrower, as well as newer artists like Negative Plane, Possession, and Bölzer.
Their sound is further enriched by influences from outside the metal genre, incorporating elements of psychedelic, progressive, and post-rock to create an immersive and memorable auditory experience. Known for their unorthodox riffing and dissonant guitar work, Incessant's music is a testament to their commitment to forward-thinking artistry.
Their lyrics explore deep and thought-provoking themes of existentialism, cosmic reflection, and the enigmatic origins of humanity, inviting listeners on a profound and evocative journey.
'Entropic Aeons' promises to showcase Incessant's groundbreaking approach to metal, featuring tracks that embody their unique sound and lyrical depth. Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to experiencing this latest release, which is set to push the envelope and redefine the genre.

Conor Spierin - Vocals, guitars and synths
Alex Caffrey - Bass and synths
Jamie Sweetman - Drums

All music and lyrics by Incessant.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Studio 1, Dublin by Shaun Cadogan of Last Light Recordings

Artwork by Zoro of Mysterious Four