Revenant Marquis - Pitiless Black Emphasis LP

The long out of print and highly sought after debut album by the mystifying Welsh entity known as, REVENANT MARQUIS, receives a well deserved reissue under the banner of REPOSE RECORDS.This pressing includes three unheard bonus tracks taken directly from the original Pitiless Black Emphasis sessions. 'Holy Cross in Retrograde', 'The Return of the Key' & Thrush Union' are exclusive to this pressing and will not be made available elsewhere. Each LP comes with a 16 page A5 art book featuring unseen photos from the PBE era.1. Taciturn To Thy Bloated Moon2. Vanishing Into Gutters And Tunnels3. Yellow Teeth4. Submit To The Ruins5. All That Is Commonly Avowed As Evil6. Holy Cross in Retrograde7. The Return of the Key8. Thrush Union


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