Spider God - The Killing Room

SPIDER GOD - ‘The Killing Room’
The brand new full-length album of original material is OUT NOW!
One year on from the critically-acclaimed debut album, Fly in the Trap, Spider God return with another epic slice of their homegrown brand of hyper-melodic black metal.
Part one of a two-part concept album, The Killing Room expands the true crime themes of their first record to tell the story of Faustus, an ex-band member who went missing under mysterious circumstances after becoming embroiled in a deadly online game known as 'Possess the Devil'. Legend has it that the album's lyrics were penned by Faustus himself, just before he disappeared, and the band have released this record in the hope that someone will be able to decipher his last words and unravel the mystery of his fate.
Through these eight blistering tracks, Spider God push their sound to new heights, weaving elements of goth rock, hardcore, and prog into the mix, and throwing curveballs of clean guitar and multi-phase suites along the way.
Who is Roku San? What is KilSim? How do you beat 'Possess the Devil'? All these questions will be explored in The Killing Room, and if you can survive until the second instalment, you may very well find an answer...
This is True Crime Black Metal.
This is Spider God.
1. 入場 (enter) 01:20
2. 蜘蛛神 (s.p.i.d.e.r.g.o.d.) 04:13
3. 六さん (roku san) 04:15
4. シリコンバレーの魔女 (silicon witch) 03:37
5. ダークウェブ (the black web) 04:19
6. 不可知の雲 (cloud of unknowing) 04:03
7. 殺人室 (the killing room) 10:32
8. 再入場 (re-enter) 02:13
‘The Killing Room’ is streaming now across all major platforms!

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