The Suns Journey Through The Night - "Eternal Black Transmissions"


The Suns Journey Through The Night “Eternal Black Transmissions” REPOSE015

- Black cassette (45 copies)
- Die hard white cassette + A3 poster (5 copies)

ETERNAL BLACK TRANSMISSIONS, the most chaotic and cathartic release yet from The Suns Journey Through The Night, see's No One delve deeper in to his bleak and turmoil ridden take on black metal. The album sonically writhes and implodes, while also falling back in itself to calmer, melancholy soundscapes. Written and recorded during the great plague of 2020, the albums message is one of crushing hopelessness, hazy delirium, panic, anger and the residing of ones self to an uncertain oblivion.


1. Rise of the Godless Tyrant
2. Lightning Scars Across a Dead Planet
3. Holy War of the Lesser Light
4. Beyond the Spectral Veil
5. Come and See
6. Watching the Passing of Time as Light Leaving the Body
7. Eternal Black Transmissions

FFO Paysage D'hiver, Vintlechkeit & Revenant Marquis

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