Saidan - Splatterpunk Gore Machine 7" EP
Saidan - Splatterpunk Gore Machine 7" EP
Phantom Lure

Saidan - Splatterpunk Gore Machine 7" EP

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White 7" with green splatter

Catchy, filthy and gore, just what you can expect from SAIDAN. This single encompasses an epic cyberpunk interpretation of raging black metal. Taken from the same Onryo II recording sessions, this exclusive track has not been released on vinyl before. The B-side features a live rehearsal recording of the track "I am the witch" and showcases what great live band SAIDAN is.

Saidan says: 

“Splatterpunk Gore Machine is about an undead, half human, half cyborg hybrid called “Gore Machine”. Created to bring forth extreme violence and mayhem to the world. Many lyrical themes come from Splatterpunk, Cyberpunk & Body horror films of the late 80's and early 90s. movies such as Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Judge Dredd, AKIRA, & Tetsuo II: The Body Hammer. We decided to release this song in celebration of our two year anniversary as a band which will be Oct 31st. And to celebrate our first run of shows this weekend. Thank you all for the support over the last two years. We appreciate the love and the hate. Saidan will never die! The Witch has spoken!”