Ysbrydnos - The Forest Howls At Dusk VINYL

Repose Records and Nocturnal Curse present, YSBRYDNOS’ ‘The Forest Howls At Dusk’⁣

Originally released on cassette via Repose Records in 2022, ‘The Forest Howls At Dusk’ is now available on vinyl for the first time, newly remastered and accompanied by two bonus tracks.⁣

This remarkable debut album, inspired by the Welsh landscape, folklore, and its rich history, showcases the creativity of Ysbrydnos and still stands as a pinnacle release for the 2020’s U.K. Black Metal scene. Ysbrydnos captivates the listener with an authentic 90’s sound, enchanting flute melodies, haunting female vocals, and powerful riffs. An essential listen!⁣

Pre-orders are now open at a special, lower price (available for the pre-order period only), which will then be set to normal once we hit the official release date.⁣ Subscribers to the Repose Records Bandcamp get an additional 20% off all physical products, including this pre-order!

Additionally, a limited edition test press vinyl is available exclusively for subscribers to the Repose Records Bandcamp.⁣

- Classic black 140gram vinyl⁣
- Matte sleeve with 3mm spine⁣
- Double-sided insert⁣
- Remastered for vinyl⁣
- Two vinyl-exclusive bonus tracks⁣


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